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It’s back- your opportunity to join Norwex without the typical $2000 dollar sales quota in your first 90 days is here once again.

With products in your kit valued at $74.45, you’ll step in gently to Norwex, with the ability to buy products at 35% off, or you can choose to start a business and receive all the same benefits as a typical consultant.

Looking for the Standard Starter Kit that includes the Superior Mop System? Read more here. (It includes a bonus $25 dollar shopping spree this month!)

Choose me as your sponsor and receive training, support, and encouragement from one of the top 8 Norwex leaders in North America! I love what I do and have 5 years of strong experience in lifting other women and supporting them as they find their perfect fit with Norwex. Part time, full time, or big time, I am here and ready to give you a fun and strong start.

Contact me to set up a time to discuss if this is the right time, opportunity and company for you or join now and Try it, Share it!

Offer ends October 1st, 11:59 am Central time.


Customer Specials for October feature one of our top ten selling products- Cleaning Paste!

I’m also thrilled to see Blue Diamond on sale next month too. It cuts through scale and build up and is my go-to for toilet cleaning. Did you know you can dilute Blue Diamond and use it as a spray-on product for bathroom cleaning?



Have you heard about the ridiculously crazy generous Norwex hostess plan?  October is our pre-holiday season! We are gearing up for our biggest fall selling season to date. Check out the Host Exclusive Offer- on top of your big hosting package, shopping spree, buying guest gifts, you can also earn the

Bathroom Scrub Mitt

Cleaning Paste AND


Just hold a 600 dollar party with 6 orders, and 1 booking!

I have just ONE party date left for October. Use the Contact Amanda button at the top of the page to hold your Norwex party date!


Sometimes people tell me, “Amanda, my Norwex cloths smell! I thought that Norwex was NEVER supposed to stink.”

To that I always reply, if there was a guaranteed no-stink magic solution invention, no mother would ever wince when changing the diaper of her three year old and Norwex would make socks and underwear.

(The truth is, you have to care for your Norwex. It does require some love. You can read more on that here.)

I over-used my kitchen cloth by using it to wipe my counters and table for THREE weeks. That was just too long to depend on our awesome BacLock microsilver. It’s talented, it’s handy, but it’s not a magic wand.

Sorry I forgot to turn my camera sideways, but I am Deep Soaking my cloths today and wanted to show you how too.

Questions about your Norwex? I’m happy to help.


Become a Norwex Consultant in September under the Standard Agreement, and you’ll find a few extras in your starter kit for free!

Join me in Milwaukee, WI this month at Experience Norwex. When you join Norwex that night, you’ll be gifted with a $50.00 shopping spree, no matter if you join under the Standard Agreement or the Try it, Share It, Free Kit Method!

Looking for someone to chat with about Norwex? I sponsor new consultants from all over the USA and am happy to connect with you.