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If you are looking for Norwex guidance, here is your no-fail, must have, 3 pack of cloths you must start with for cleaning without chemicals.

• Use the blue Enviro Cloth first. Get it wet. Wipe your dirty surface. It just cleaned your yuck with no chemicals and it removed 99% of bacteria as an added bonus. Stand back, admire your clean surface, and wait for your jaw to drop. Learn more here.

• If your surface has shine-ability (windows, mirrors, shower doors, granite counters, stainless appliances, car windows, stemware) then go ahead and dry your damp surface with the purple Window Cloth. Learn more here.

• Do the chore you probably hate most faster, safer, and more effectively. Pop on a Norwex Dusting Mitt and wipe your surfaces. Shake it off outside after you are done, or get one of my favorite tools for managing pet hair, the Rubber Brush and use it to thoroughly clean the mitt. Lean more about the Mitt here. (It comes in kid sizes too!)

Buy all three of these cloths as the Household Package for a savings.

Just need the Enviro and Window Cloth? Get them as a Basic Package.

Need a video demo on how to use your Norwex? Contact me!


Everyone joins Norwex for different reasons. I initially decided to become a Norwex consultant to make a mere 200 dollars a month. Within my first year, Norwex sent me a flier advertising their free, all-inclusive incentive trip you could earn to Punta Cana. I laughed, ripped it up and tossed it in the trash. I was a stay at home mom who had 3 little kids under the age of 7. I didn’t have a passport. I didn’t even know where Punta Cana was! It never occurred to me that people like ME could earn a free vacation for doing Norwex parties.

I went to Punta Cana the following Spring, and I left those kids and home and had the best sleep of my life. Turns out people like me CAN earn a free vacation. Now I get to teach and coach other women to do the same, and the first step is this: DON’T RIP UP THE FLIER!

This week I returned from Riviera Maya, I was able to bring close to 20 of my team members with on this trip and most importantly, my entire family!

I’ve been to 5 different beautiful, warm, luxurious locations thanks to Norwex and their generous rewards. In 2018 we head to Panama. If travel is something that makes your heart sing, if you have wanderlust, if you want to work for a cause and then be sent on a vacation at the end of the year for a job well done, maybe it’s time to say Why Not Me?




Fast. Easy. Cheap.


It’s what makes people fall in love with the Norwex products. Fast, easy, and cheap can be a good thing…sometimes.

Fast, easy, and cheap is also how many people expect to find success in direct sales/party plan/MLM/network marketing.

Every week, without fail, I get an insincere, scripted, BUY MY PRODUCT CAN I HAVE AN HOUR OF YOUR TIME I CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU HOW THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Facebook message from someone I know. I cringe. I used to delete these messages, and feel dirty, used and frustrated that our industry as a whole is being disrespected by the very people who defend and love it and want others to take it as seriously as they do!

Lately, I’ve started to be brave enough to reply back, “You can do better. There is a better way.”

Success takes time, relationships take time, trust takes time. Nothing worth having and keeping for the long haul came by plowing through NOs just to move on to the next person who might say YES to some pressure or guilt.  Yes, we offer services and goods and there is a financial transaction that takes place, but if you simply dedicate yourself to treating people with respect and service, many people WILL pay for what it is that you believe in. Maybe not in the timeline you have decided on, but on their timeline.

Skip the scripts, even if you are scared to use your own words. Do it anyway. Use real words.

Stop adding people to groups without their consent, hoping that force feeding them will give them a primal urge to consume what you are serving up.

If you are paying for training from experts or listening to your company tell you to do things that make you feel rotten, listen to your feelings. Uncomfort is normal in this type of work, growth comes from uncomfort zones. Uncomfort is very different than feeling like you are doing something selfish, wrong and gross. Pay attention to the difference.

If you don’t believe in what you are selling, you can learn all the tricks in the book– women are highly intelligent creatures and they can smell your pretend enthusiasm for your product/business opportunity. Females are bloodhounds for smarmy sales techniques. If you haven’t found the product or company you have faith and trust in, keep looking. You will find it. I promise. (The right company or opportunity doesn’t always come along when we want it to.)

Settle into serving, enjoy the slow process that is called hard work. It feels good, and you can do it.

Want to work with me and learn more about how I have managed to not only keep my friends and family, but have also supported many of them as they made the choice to join Norwex ? Contact me to set up a time to talk!


I will not buy you all the toys you wish and beg for.I will never let you have as much technology as your brilliant mind craves.

I will pull my hair out trying to get you to listen to me and I will yell at you because I don’t always understand you.

But I will run you a bath, I will comb your hair, light you three candles, slather you with oils and let you pick the songs I hate.

I will love you every way I know how.