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Generous Norwex spoils hostesses, but that giving nature extends to consultants too. I just wanted to share a little bit of how working consultants are gifted with practical products that we can use to build stronger, healthier businesses and homes. Every month I open a big box of free products (and sometimes even catalogs!) that I strategically put back into my business. These monthly gifts, along with the Shopping Sprees we are rewarded for supporting team members who hit their goals, means LOADS of free product I can use in smart, Mom Boss ways, like:

Try Before You Buy Samples

Thank you gifts for hostesses who commit to a party date

Freebies to my team members for the coaching challenges they participate in

Baby shower, wedding, birthday gifts

Bonus gifts to customers who spend more than 100 dollars at my home parties!

Donations! I get asked to donate to silent auctions and fundraisers all the time.

Free Detergent and Body Wash if you are my Dad (he loves those 2 things the most!)

Working for a company who gives me a paycheck along with free product means I have always had ways to be generous to others as well.

Are you working for a generous company too?



We have outsmarted all children everywhere. (Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh!) Never again will I walk into the bathroom to find a germy, damp hand towel on the floor, in the sink, or on the toilet. Norwex with the Mom-Win, a BacLock Hand Towel that folds on and over the towel bar.

So thirsty, so fun to touch, and so pretty!

Find my favorite new Norwex product here!


It’s time to fall back into regularly scheduled programming! Fall is upon us, and it’s home party season once again!

Did you know my typical hostess has a party with 750 dollar in sales? Let’s play pretend– say you host in September, have a 750 dollar party, 10 orders, and 1 booking. (1 person decides they too, want to get the Norwex goodness.) I pulled all of the products out so you could get a better look-see, ’cause seeing is believing!


What’s not pictured is your Host Credit, or Norwex Bucks as I call them. Norwex is offering more credit than usual next month. A party described above would earn you 140 dollars in Norwex Bucks to spend on anything in the catalog. 

What if you are atypical? Well, then you get more. Or you get a little less. (But you always get free Norwex!)

I made a little video to show you each and every product you’ll stock your home with. Put your purse away, keep your credit card locked up. You never need to bust the budget to become a Norwex healthy home. Host a party, or become a consultant for an everyday 35% discount.

I have 3 party/demo dates left for September. Grab your date before they go. I travel to several areas of Wisconsin and Illinois and do online/live virtual parties as well and would love to share faster, safer, smarter cleaning with those you love.



Norwex Customer Specials September 2016PINIMAGE

This week I decided to throw together an August impromptu mini vacation with my kids.




The month of August has become pretty predictable, really, sort of hilariously predictable, and after 5 years of doing Norwex as a career instead of wringing my hands and fretting over it, I am finally learning to embrace it for what it is.


Two years ago in August 2014, I returned from the Norwex USA National Conference on a totally gross, full of myself, head exploding at the seam (imagine my head sewed on at the neck, that necklace does a good job) look at me! watch me go! high. I had just finished off my best Norwex Sales and Recruiting Year ever. My team was growing and setting records. I was so HAPPY. Here was my face. I mean, I look like I am winning an Emmy, are people even that excited when they win an Emmy?


That face was a little ego but also a lot of relief and gratitude.

I had spent over 30 years having no idea what I was supposed to do with my life. I never felt like I had a calling. I would often lay in bed at night and pray that one day I would have an awakening and suddenly just know I was supposed to be a midwife/city planner/writer/reporter/coffee shop owner/dog catcher.

This sounds ridiculous and I am embarrassed to even admit this but I had a fantasy that one day a super successful stranger would approach me at a party and say, “Wow, your skills set is very much suited to be a _____!” I am giggling as I share this. Because after this stranger just gave me the keys to unlocking my future I would hug him/her and I would forever credit said person for helping me discover my true potential.

That person was fierce little blonde and it went more like this, “Do you realize you could make more money doing Norwex one night a month than you can babysitting other people’s kids and changing crappy diapers 8 times a month?”

I didn’t hug her. I shrugged and said, “Good point.”

Five years later, what Norwex gave me (and keeps giving me) is a way to grow myself. What August often gives me is a month that is not as abundant as I am comfortable with. What that usually gives me is anxiety. Self doubt. Fear. I am a leader of thousands. People look to me for support and advice and I call myself a coach. How did all this happen and am I even qualified?! Can I keep doing this? Leaders are not supposed to feel like this, so I must be in over my head.

Those are all the things that start to creep up. And honestly, I love when they do, because it means I am uncomfortable, and it means I have to grow. Again.

So this month, when “Gus” showed up, (that’s what I call August, he’s this familiar guy now that I have had to learn to tolerate and even appreciate a little) I decided to open the door and welcome him in. I didn’t get on the phone and start calling hundreds of past customers with desperation in my voice, hoping to dig up some sales and bookings.

I packed up my three reasons I do this career and we did a Mom and Kids trip to Michigan. We went on an adventure. We had no agenda or itinerary and we just enjoyed moments of uncomfortable. (Violet will disagree. No air conditioning is not enjoyable, ever.) People see me alone with my kids and ask if I am a single Mom and look at me like I am a little crazy. I am not a single Mom, but I am singlehandedly confident and capable of doing uncomfortable things on a daily basis because Norwex has taught me how.

That’s how I know I am qualified. It’s how I know I can keep doing this. It’s how I know I AM supposed to feel uncomfortable and even if I am over my head at times, I know can swim.Amanda_DeSonia_NorwexPINIMAGE

This year my family attended Norwex USA Conference. I wanted my daughters to see thousands of women together in one room, all passionate about the same cause. I won’t be on that stage every year for the next 10 years, my goal is to raise up other women to take my place. My girls are clapping for all the women who do



scary things.

Including me.

Including you.



  • Jennifer - I LOVE this! Your kiddos were right behind me that night and I really enjoyed watching those little faces light up when their mama’s name was called. Cheers to you and everything you do Amanda!ReplyCancel

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