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This is Katie.

Katie came to one of my Norwex shows and said to me at the end of the party:

“I told myself before I walked in, Katie, DON’T drink too much wine and volunteer to have a party.” (She didn’t drink too much wine but she did have a party, and she surprised herself even further when she decided to join as a Norwex consultant.)

This weekend she had an astonishing $1600 in sales at her FIRST show, and 3 of her friends have the Norwex bug and will be hosting shows with her.

Here’s to Katie, an actress, hair stylist and jewelry maker who said “Yes” to a new adventure she wasn’t expecting, and has an extra $500 in her hands after her first day on the job!

(This image is from her latest play, God Of Carnage. Normally she has a HUGE smile on her face!)