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Don’t Compare Your Beginning…

Inviting, welcoming, working with, and learning from the new consultants on my team is one of my most favorite things about my job.

Often I will meet women who are sitting on the fence, often silently contemplating asking me about joining Norwex. Sometimes they will talk themselves out of it. My job is to start a conversation, listen to their worries, concerns, apprehensions, and be a sounding board. I’ve never allowed myself to turn into one of those guys at the center of the mall, trying to squirt lotion on your hands (Maybe that’s just my mall?) or a cell phone service kiosk girl, stalking you so fiercely you hope your kid will throw a tantrum so you have an excuse to look away. I’ve never wanted to be treated like a sale, so I committed myself to never chasing or pressuring anyone to join me. I love Norwex and know it attracts people when they are ready to jump in and try something that is often very different, new, and unexpected. I remind all my potential and new team members that we all start any new adventure in the same place: Inexperienced. Excited. Nervous. Hopeful.


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