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Norwex Cleaning Paste For Grout Cleaning


Grout is my nemesis! Cleaning Paste and a nailbrush make grout cleaning a lot faster and easier. 

From one multi-tasking Mom to another, here is something I learned from one of my Team Members who is an under age 40 and a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Many of us have cleaned the bathtub while showering– kill 2 birds with one stone, right? How many times have we grabbed the normal household cleaner and sprayed the shower down while we shampoo? Sounds like a good use of our limited time, but the largest and most pores (4000!) on our body are on our feet. When we douse our shower down with chemicals, we then stand in those chemicals and they are soaked up into our bloodstream. Yikes. Maybe cleaning nakie isn’t the best idea….

Choose Norwex Cleaning Paste as needed, or go even easier and choose the Bathroom Scrub Mitt or a Basic Package for easy, so-safe, shiny awesome bathroom cleaning. Your body (and tub) will thank you!