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Ditch the Dryer Sheets!



Norwex Dryer Balls have been a popular purchase at every party. Ditching the dryer sheets and fabric softeners is one of the easiest and most beneficial changes you can make to reduce toxins from your home. It’s hard to understand why such yucky ingredients are available for consumers to purchase. Why are they so harmful? I get asked that a lot. Even if you aren’t ready to change to Norwex for cleaning, I’m committed to asking you to just make one switch— quit the dryer sheets. Get rid of the fabric softeners.

“Many formulas emit chemical fumes like toluene, styrene and phenol that can cause acute respiratory tract inflammation and irritation, says an oft-cited study by Anderson Laboratories.”

Long story short: They might smell good to many but the health risks STINK. The air pollution they cause? Ewww.

Having a hard time giving up the scent?

Our Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls can offer the same clean smell you crave, but with no danger! Simply choose your favorite pure, non-synthetic essential oil. Add 2 drops to the dryer ball, and add to your clothes when they are nearly finished in the dryer. Set to the “cool” or “fluff” cycle to preserve the scent of the oil. Lavender and citrus are some of my favorites and the smell lingers for days!

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