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Norwex Cleaning Paste

Cleaning Paste, a Top 10 Norwex Best Seller, it’s a must-have in every home. One of my favorite messages from a customer regarding Cleaning Paste:

Amanda. So, I can’t say I have REALLY been tested in my belief in the mowed movement but holy *@!% today was the day. New.white.beautiful.dining room table and Eli got sharpie marker all over it (while circling Christmas present ideas in a Target catalog of all things). It was a lost cause until the Cleaning Paste came out!  I had to say thanks for changing my chemical intake, my children’s lives and my dining room table. Muah!”

Order it today, and have it for years! My Cleaning Paste came free in my Hostess Gifts with Norwex over 3 years ago, and I am STILL using that same jar!