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“Kitchen Work Is My Sport”

IMG_4838PINIMAGEMy girl, age 9, making grain free/gluten free crackers for another family. I’ve had to be gluten-free for almost a year, so she’s chosen to learn how to bake so I can eat her creations.There have been successful recipes, messy recipes, and eat-it-because-its-the-polite-thing-to-do recipes. I’m always amazed at her resiliency when a recipe doesn’t turn out, and her creativity to adjust things to her taste. Last night I realized we were missing our 1/4 measuring cup. My plan was to haul everyone to Target. She looked at me like I was ridiculous and told me, “Ma, it’s 4 tablespoons! We don’t need to go to the store.”

She wants everyone to know anyone can take control of their health and make food changes. “Kitchen work is my sport.” 

I’m the only one of the family strictly no-gluten, but since I have had to make the switch, everyone in the family has naturally cut back.

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Maren has no favorite cookbooks. “I change everything anyway so don’t suggest anything from me.” Ah, the confidence of a seasoned chef!