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Norwex Air Freshener Bags


Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 6.32.30 PMPINIMAGEThe Norwex Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Bags are here!

I’m loving everything about these pretty little bags of safe, stink-removing magic. Chemical free and totally natural, the long, 1-year life span, the cool grommets to hang them by, various sizes (think smelly shoes!) and the fact that after they are done working, cut them open and dump the bamboo charcoal into your garden as a natural fertilizer.  Do you have allergies or asthma sufferers in your home? Toss the candles, the sprays and the plug-ins and choose the healthy way to deal with the stinkies. We are adding one inside the fridge, my son’s school will use one by the diaper pail, and my neighbor is using one by the litter box.

Would you like to get them free? (That’s my favorite 4 letter F word!) When you host a Norwex show this fall your shopping spree gives you the freedom to choose the things you most want. My last hostess earned $362 in free Norwex. It’s easy, it’s fun, and your hospitality spreads our mission! Contact me to save your date.