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Norwex Consultant of the Month, Trish Howard

Location: Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Family:  Darrell (husband), and 3 super girls (Corinne, Cailyn, Carsyn) and a 12 year old yellow lab, Daisy
Occupation: Elementary School Counselor
How long have you been a Norwex consultant? 2 years
How has Norwex most improved your life?
My daughter and husband have suffered from eczema for some time and Norwex Detergent, Baby Cloth, and Bath Towels have helped  SO much. I love that I no longer have toxins under my kitchen sink.  I love that I have simplified our lives with super safe and effective options! I have slowly improved so much more as well with essential oils as well as just the basics of living simpler and healthier.
What products have you ditched or decreased use because of Norwex?
Clorox wipes, bleach, Comet, Bath n Body works everything, cotton towels, smelly candles, cheap shower gels, smelly lotions, facial cleansers
What three Norwex products could you not live without?
Bath Towel, Baby Body Cloths, Enviro Cloth
A customer has a budget and wants to get started with Norwex. What would you recommend for the following budgets?
$30 – Basic Set
What’s your “why” for being a Norwex consultant?
My “why” at first was because our car engine blew and we thought about a way to earn a little extra money. My husband and I thought of Norwex and how cool this opportunity would be. Little did I know how much I would love teaching others about safer options with Norwex.  I hope I can inspire others to make small changes and help spread the word and mission of Norwex.
How did you learn of Norwex, and why was it appealing?
You introduced me to Norwex as my doula while I was in labor!  That Body Cloth held the water and was a Godsend for my face (even if I whipped it across the room.) You talked to me and taught me about it, even if it didn’t seem like I was listening. The Body Cloth sat in my home for months and I bought a Dusting Mitt at a friends’ party after she brought a catalog to work.  That also sat and I looked at it weekly and after some time I tried it.  I had not gone to a party prior to deciding to join the team.  I signed on, went on vacation, came home and went to shadow a party and started selling to my teacher friends and family and met my goals way faster than I thought I would.
It was appealing because cleaning is not a strength of mine, so the more I learned what this was going to do for my home…I was ready and excited.  My husband was on board, which was helpful. His support has been awesome and glad he loves it too (even if it took a little time to love it all!) I am now slowly growing my team and spreading the mission at school where many of the classrooms are using the Travel Pack to clean tables, desks, keyboards, phones at school.
There have been many times I thought about slowing down. I do 1-2 parties a month.  Then when school starts, so many teachers want more, people ask to join my team and now I am Team Coordinator!  I love the extra side money that I earn for us.  I was able to buy a new refrigerator and pay for it all from my Norwex fund as well as a new grill, many date nights and fulfilling some much needed Amazon orders of books for school.
What’s your favorite Norwex “wow” moment? 
My oldest said these two statements “When I grow up I will partner with you to help sell Norwex!” “Thank you for doing so much to keep our house safe” or maybe it is the parties I have done with older women and their super fun and off the wall questions or maybe it is the emotions from some who are so thankful since they suffer from MS, allergies or Crohn’s and are thankful for a start in the right direction to get toxins out of their home.
Thank you Trish, for being a special member of our team. Your helping heart makes you such a great Norwex Consultant!