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Benefits of being a Norwex Consultant… or the daughter of one!

There are many benefits to being a Norwex Consultant! Along with a paycheck, vacations to luxurious places, and a flexible work schedule, Norwex thanks their team-building consultants with shopping sprees. (Big ones.) It feels only fair to provide my parents with free laundry detergent forever and ever as a thank you for the 18 years of wash they did for me.

Norwex Tip: Do you have a High Efficiency/HE washer? You can typically use just 1tsp of Norwex Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent per load! Is your washer a standard, non HE top loading machine? Use 1 TB per load. The scoop provided in the bag is much more than you will need on a typical load! Many of my customers go 3-6 months with a bag of our laundry detergent. I love the money saving side of Norwex.

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