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A Clean and Shiny Oven

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It looks like I might have my work cut out for me today! My own oven hasn’t been cleaned in quite some time…. (Is that why the smoke alarm keeps going off?) It’s so much more fun to clean other people’s problem and neglected areas. Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner is my favorite enzyme product. I’ve cleaned hundreds of ovens over the last three years in just minutes. The speed, effectiveness, and safety of this cleaner makes it one of my best demos to do at home parties. Sometimes I think my hostesses book Norwex parties largely because they know they will get a clean oven on top of all of the free Norwex products! Ready to add this product to your cart? Don’t forget to get a package of my husband’s Norwex favorite, the ultra-durable Spirinetts. They are a the key to scrubbing that nasty, greasy oven door clean!

Here is a great blog review of our Oven and Grill Cleaner. The best deal? Host a Norwex party, I do your dirty work, and get your Norwex products free for opening your home and helping us spread our mission of cleaning safe, smart, and easy!