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Mop on Mondays

Mondays have always been Mop Day (or are supposed to be) in our home. After a weekend with kids home, Monday Morning usually looks like a crime scene. Winter brings salt and snow, Summer is sand. Floors are a never ending job, but the Norwex Mop System is what initially intrigued me about the Norwex product line.

Why choose the Norwex Mop System?

It’s a huge money saver. No disposable pads to purchase.

It’s Earth Friendly. Nothing goes in the garbage. No chemicals go down the drain.

It’s versatile. Use it to dust and wash walls and windows.

It’s adjustable. Lower the mop pole and make your kids mop the floor. Raise it and your hubby can’t complain that it’s not his size.

It’s slim, light, and low profile. Slide it under appliances, furniture, and beds where you have hardwood floors.

How much floor space do you need to clean? Select either the Small or Large Mop. Then make your purchase decision based on the DRY/ YELLOW Superior sweeping pad that comes with all of our systems. This pad will do your Step 1 work: grab and pick up dust, lead particles, dirt, and pet hair. My personal favorite for a home with hardwood floors, a shedding dog and three kids is the Large Superior Mop. Don’t forget to add on the Rubber Brush to your order, it’s a must-have for quick and easy cleaning of your Yellow Superior pad.

Did you know you can earn it free when you host a qualifying party? Did you know the Superior Mop System comes free in your Norwex Starter Kit when you become a consultant? Host a fun party in your home or online with me and share the Norwex life with those you love!


  • Trinity - So my question is how can the wet mop clean if it doesn’t have the baclock silver properties?ReplyCancel

    • admin - The Wet Mop pad is BacLock. What’s really unique about Norwex microfiber is that the fibers are actually what cleans the surface to be free of EVERYTHING! The BacLock then is designed to self-clean the actual fibers, cutting down on your need to wash as frequently as you would with regular cloths that don’t feature our microsilver. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel