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Happy Hostess

Peggy hosted a Norwex party last month and took the time to post some feedback on my Facebook Business Page.

Hostesses are the heart of our business– while I was once a party plan snob, didn’t go to home parties, didn’t host them, and certainly never saw myself finding a career in this industry, I am so grateful for the women and men who are more open minded than I was and are excited to see Norwex in person. Touching, asking questions, and seeing the demonstrations are what makes Norwex such a successful movement in our quest to help people redefine the way they clean their homes.

Are you still thinking about hosting a show? Your house can be big, small, fancy or plain. Leave some dust. Pop a bottle of wine, and give your friends a chance to take a break from the normal busy routine and reconnect and relax in 2  just hours. They will thank you and you’ll be a happy hostess like Peggy!