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Skinny Faux-Cakes

After 7 days of not having to prepare a single meal for myself, I’m feeling more than a little guilty at how used to I could get to that luxury! Back to reality, and the kitchen. And back to cleaning up after myself, with Norwex of course!



I saw a recipe for these flour-less pancakes this morning. We made a few different batches and ended up liking this taste & texture the best:

3 egg whites

1 large banana (we freeze them when they start to get too ripe. Defrost and then mash)

1/3 C quick oats

several generous shakes of cinnamon

Mix all ingredients gently in a medium sized bowl. Spray griddle with coconut oil. Cook on medium heat.

We served with various toppings. Top with fruit, syrup, or honey. Some of my kids liked jam, I did a little peanut butter for some extra protein.

Yields 6 pancakes.