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No Fuss-Dust

Use your Norwex Dusting Mitt dry to clean hardwood stairs. Use it wet to clean your window screens! Do you take your screens off and try to hose them down every year? No more! Wipe and be done. I LOVE the Dusting Mitt and so do our customers. Did you know that removing dust from your home without the use of chemicals is a way to improve your immune system? I hate cleaning but if I can do it fast, without chemicals, and if it will help my kids stay healthy, I am willing to do it. (That is a GENUINE smile. Something about using Norwex at my hostesses homes is so much more fun than cleaning my own home!)

*After you have cleaned your screens, give the mitt a good rinse. Toss in the washing machine. Don’t forget to treat your Norwex nice so it will love you long time! Tossing it in the dryer after laundering will really snap it back into shape. That static-electric charge makes it extra great at grabbing and trapping dust for the next time you use it for general dusting around your home!