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Baby Body Cloths

Baby Body Cloths are an every-day Norwex favorite in the DeSonia home. Every baby learns the frantic head-turn defense move when Mom comes diving in to wash the face. I loved the Baby Body Cloths the first time I used them, because my 10 month old son was an independent self-feeder who was always caked in layers of leftover food. A damp Baby Body cloth required almost no effort to wipe him clean. Skip the soap with these, Norwex microfiber is powerful yet gentle enough to clean with just water.

As my oldest transitions into tween-dom, she’s found if she washes her face both day and night with the Baby Body Cloths she can help keep the white-heads away. Grown-ups with sensitive skin will find them perfect for makeup-removal or general body washing.

Summer means messy hands, dirty feet, and Popsicle stained faces. Our Baby Body Cloths get a workout all year long, but especially during these upcoming months of playing hard!

(These cloths also feature our signature BacLock technology. Rinse, squeeze, hang by the tag and let the safe, self-purifying property of silver help keep them clean!)




  • Laurie - Glad you posted about this because I was wondering if the Baby Body Cloths would be good for wiping off children’s hands and faces after eating or if the kitchen cloth would be recommended instead. Do you feel that Baby Body Cloths, Body Cloths, and Kitchen Cloths would all do equally well for the job of wiping off children after meal time? I have heard that the weave of some types of Norwex cloths are a little too tight and do too good a job of hanging onto food when trying to rinse it out and hence a looser weave is better (i.e., the kitchen cloth). Curious to hear what you think are options for cleaning up children after meal time and which you think is best. (Sounds like maybe your vote would be the Baby Body Cloth.) Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Laurie,
      I love the baby body cloths but they are so light colored that they get pretty abused. My choice is still a kitchen cloth in one of the more forgiving colors, like pomegranate, latte, or graphite!ReplyCancel