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….and a Rubber Brush


Kaelie has 2 BIG, heavy shedding dogs. After attending her second Norwex party last night, she nabbed my rubber brush from my kit and took it out to her car to see if it would help with the furbabies shed.

(It’s safe to say that Kaelie is the proud new owner of a Norwex Rubber Brush.)

Norwex makes life with kids easier, and it makes being a pet-owner easier too. When I learned that a very popular floor cleaning system was leaving toxic residue on floors that was sickening animals, it fueled my fire to educate anyone who would listen: If it’s making our animals sick, what about our kids who are crawling on those same floors? My son was just 10 months old when I discovered Norwex and it hadn’t occurred to me that by cleaning my floor I could be exposing him and our dog to unnecessary chemicals. Cleaning should NOT be dangerous and it should still be easy and work.

Enter Norwex! I love my passionate new customers. Thank you Kaelie!