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June Goals and Washi Tape.

This work has given me goal-setting skills that I didn’t have before. Why don’t they teach this stuff in high school, or college? Washi tape makes goal setting a lot less intimidating. Often a woman on my team will tell me she doesn’t do goals. I get that. Maybe it’s fear of failure. Some of my monthly goals I will meet easily. Some I will muck up badly and I will have to move it over to the next month, or adjust it to be more realistic. I used to set ridiculously easy goals for myself so I would feel like a rockstar each month. A well-respected mentor called me out on that eventually and asked what kept me from setting goals that made me stretch? So I started doing that and started not being a rockstar each and every month, but it was good for me. It pushed me.

Having no boss is great, I love the autonomy but I set a standard for myself each month and have to hold myself accountable. I love watching other women step in to casual direct sales with little intention other than a discount only to watch them learn how powerful they truly are. Cast a vision for your life! (And add washi tape!)