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From Mattress Accidents to Cozy Coupes….

Did you know Norwex Mattress Cleaner is also an Accident Eraser?  My little guy has had just 2 accidents since being potty trained, so I have gotten pretty lazy about protecting his mattress.

I awoke this week at 3 am to him shouting, “MOM! Come! It’s wet up in here!” I held my breath and rushed in knowing (like any Mom would) that I was going to find one of the two P words!

I stripped his sheets, laundered (in Ultra Power Plus, and added in one capful of Odour Eliminator just in case.)

The next morning I pulled his mattress outside onto the sunny patio and he helped spray it with Mattress Cleaner. 6 hours later we did the sniff test and NO SMELL! YAY!

That evening while I was making dinner, Henry summoned me outside to show me his “super clean cop car.”  Oh yes he did. An ENTIRE bottle of Mattress Cleaner sprayed on his Cozy Coupe. I about died laughing that night when he leaned in and smelled it, and shouted “NO SMELL! It’s clean!” How can you be mad at a kid that understands what his Mama preaches? Clean has No Smell!IMG_3047PINIMAGE