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26 Hour Sale!

It’s not often we offer a discount this deep. Bundle the green Enviro Cloth with a set of SpiriSponges for big savings today!

Norwex_salePINIMAGEUse the Enviro Cloth dry to lightly dust, wet to clean virtually any surface with just the cloth and water. Our secret? A superstar, highest quality thread that makes this cloth a standout at removing everything it comes in contact with when cleaning. (Disclaimer. It will not remove smelly or rude teenagers or whiny toodlers.) Wash it less often thanks to our BacLock silver that self-purifes our microfiber. Yes, that’s right- LESS LAUNDRY!  If you want to try Norwex, this is the place to start!  Find a 12 Minute Norwex Crash Course Video here.

SpiriSponges are the master scrubbers for harder to clean surfaces. They might look scary tough, but they have never scratched a surface that I have used them on. Use them on dishes, flat top stoves, grout, tubs, and on any burnt on or built up area that needs more cleaning power.

Ready to order? Sale starts at 10 AM July 21. Click here to order this item or type IN1531 in the search box.

Or email/text me and I will order for you and will follow up with your payment information!  Orders ship direct to your door!  262-939-5926