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Keeping Safe Cookware Clean!

I love how Norwex often sets off a chain effect of healthy life choices. Seeds get planted and often it grows into many other conscious choices for both customers and consultants.  Safe cookware has been a hot topic for some time, and it can be overwhelming to wade through all the reviews and options. We ditched our Teflon pans a few years ago and have switched over to a combo of both cast iron and stainless steel. There are lots of “green” options out there, some better than others, but this is the route we have gone for now.

Clean up the yuck off the bottom and the inside of stainless pans that builds up by using a damp Norwex Spirisponge and our popular, multi-purpose Cleaning Paste. Cleaning Paste is a triple-duty product that Cleans, Polishes and Protects. It works best when applied with either a damp Enviro Cloth or a damp Spirisponge. I love Cleaning Paste for big, nasty, tough jobs that require a little more exertion.  It lasts FOR.EV.ER and customers like knowing that when they invest in a jar they might have it for years. Find a video of me using it here and you can buy it here!