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New Consultants-Top Products to Sell

Are you a new Norwex consultant?

Fall 2015 is right around the corner and I am thrilled you have joined the best team in the USA!
The sky is the limit for you. Small, medium or BIG, it doesn’t matter where you take Norwex, we are thankful for all types of consultants. Thank you for committing to making safe havens around the country.

These our are top 10 sellers. Share from your heart but also focus on fun, simple, easy parties! Narrow your focus and sell the best of the best. (I don’t even cover all of these at my parties!) Stories sell, facts tell, and the best thing about selling Norwex is that our products make an impact on people, do your demos and tell the stories of how cleaning has changed because of Norwex.

What’s your favorite product on this list?

PS Did you know you can log into the Norwex Back Office and under Orders/Personal & Supply Orders and purchase Product Information Sheets that give you a beautiful one page description of these products but with more details? If you are a new consultant who joined under our typical joining requirements, an entire collection of these Product Information Sheets featuring every product Norwex offers will come in your kit!

(If you are a member of my personal Norwex team, please access the Work With Water Amanda DeSonia Norwex Team Facebook page and team website for an easy to use/print document that highlights the other business supplies I suggest for building a strong Norwex business and check out tons of other helpful coaching videos and posts!)