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Can’t poop?

The new Norwex Water Filtration System not only makes water taste great, it features an exclusive 4-stage process with magnesium technology. Reduce chlorine, copper, cadmium, mercury and lead, cut down on plastic waste from bottled water, or just make your tap water safer and tastier to drink.

One of the most affordable ways to add this healthy home essential into your life is to host a party with me! We give generous shopping sprees so you can purchase the things you want most. Could you see yourself wanting a regular 35% discount on this item and everything else in the catalog? It’s a common affliction, to fall in love with Norwex and want it all! Talk to me today about how you can earn extra money and also save on your Target and Costco bills each month by becoming a Norwex home.

I stumbled upon this article today and thought it was interesting. Not saying you have this problem, but if you did, maybe it’s worth looking into? 🙂