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Consultant Coaching Corner-Hostess Coaching in Direct Sales

Hostess Coaching.

This post and video is long. But since Hostess Coaching is about 75% of what we do to be successful in Direct Sales, I hope you’ll see why–and I am only skimming the surface on this great topic! I’ve built a 6-figure business in direct sales in less than 3 years and I attribute it to a product I am passionate about and authentic connections, most of which have happened during hostess coaching.

It’s a great term, the “coaching” part. Think of your hostesses as a player in a sport. If she chooses not to play, or you don’t invite her to play, there is no game to coach!  Some hostesses are eager and motivated, like a kid in an organized sport. Many will need direction and communication from you, especially if they are new to the “sport” but will listen and follow along as you reach out and offer your expertise. A few hostesses are that kid that dominates the field and crushes it either because they have been training for this or they just have crazy mad skillz. Watch them go and all you have to do is cheer them on. What you are doing most of all? CONNECTING and establishing a relationship! Don’t feel qualified to be a coach? That’s where your Norwex team comes in. (Support and training is available on our Work With Water Team Facebook page!) We are here to give you suggestions and feedback and tips as you become a better hostess coach, but it all comes down to this: STAY IN TOUCH WITH HER. You can do that. Let me give you an example of why…..

We just bought a home. All along I needed a whole lot of instructions and direction from my realtor because it reduced my anxiety. After all, she was the expert and had she not been in touch, I would have wondered, does she even care? Am I supposed to know what to do now? Am I dumb for not knowing what to do now? I must be dumb! Help me!

Ultimately, when a hostess willingly says Yes to a party (you didn’t beg or guilt her, we will talk more about that another time) she is just as hopeful for a great end result as you are. It’s our job to give clear directions, keep it simple, follow up with her, and support her so she feels fantastic, no matter what the final sale outcome was at her party. Communicating with her 3 times before her party is not annoying. It’s our job!



As mentioned in the video:

I switch up my Hostess Coaching methods from time to time, and am flexible to meet the needs of each hostess, but what always stays the same is communication from the time of booking until the end of the party. How you choose to communicate will depend on you and your hostess. What’s most essential is committing yourself to certain steps and touch bases. This business is not hard, but requires a total commitment to following through. Are you getting the main point about connecting with her? I thought so! 🙂


My amazing fabulous assistant Courtney (also a Norwex consultant!) and 2/3 of my kids, who assist her. (Catalog stamping freaks those 2 are!)

Many times I see new or seasoned consultants see their business start to slip away because they are not hostess coaching. Parties cancel or have a low turnout because WE, the consultants, are not doing the work. I am not the queen of organized, and I ran my business Hot Mess style for 3.5 years until my superfab assistant Courtney came to work with me. She designed this PARTY-PLANNER for us, and it’s been a key instrument in keeping me on task. See those two kids above? If they can be trained to do basic things like label supplies, you can find someone too. Your free minutes to building a business should be spent connecting, not labeling!


How to use it:

Print on colored card stock. Why colored? Why not. It’s cuter. (Cut in half) Attach several of these to the file folder you bring to your party that contains your hostesses Norwex monthly specials and the Customer Specials. Why several? Because you rock and you are going to have several parties booked!

Have the Party Planners OUT on the table at checkout. When I ask my guests, “How about having your own party?” and they say yes, they fill out the top part of the Party Planner for me. It comes back home with me and goes on my wall of clipboards. (I do 8-10 parties a month, so I have to have a system.) Check off of the tasks you need to accomplish before the party. Can you modify it to meet your needs? Sure. Does it need to go on a Be Awesome Wall with clipboards? Not really. But I love that my business is IN MY FACE!

After the party? Flip it over and record your mileage, because tax season does not need to be a nightmare!

Is she considering joining your team, but not now? Put her Party Planner in a separate file folder labeled “Joining Later” so you can keep in touch with her!


Tic-Tac-Toe-Hostess-Coaching-This is a FREE download I have created and am happy to share with you. Use it to motivate your hostesses to do the little things that equal the big results. I have left the bottom blank so you can choose what free rewards you can give your hostess if she checks off 3 in a row. How do you use this sheet effectively? She will need reminders of course. Some hostesses will love to use it, some will not feel super competitively inclined to earn the extra freebies from you, but you should reference the party planning points it hits on when you talk with her before her party.

Simple Tips Sheet. This one is personalized for me, I have been asked to un-personalize it and share it but I think I would rather have you guys create something that speaks to YOU. What are your top 3 tips to a hostess? She won’t read everything you send her, so what do you want her to know most? Maybe your company offers something similar, use it! Don’t reinvent the wheel when you can be out there connecting! You have to have hostesses to use your fancy downloads and cute sheets on anyway, so go share the product you love.


Red Stamp or Studio, for more made from-scratch images. Why not create a generic or personalized “Thank You for Booking a Show with Me” image and text it to your hostess right after she commits to a party? Use it to create a personal, customized party invite for her. Remind her to save the image to her photos, and then text it to over 40-50 people for a great turnout!

Canva -This is another easy-to-use program for creating something special that you can email or text your hostess, either as Save the Date, or an invite for her to use to reach her guests. The easier to make it for her to reach her guests, the more likely she is to start doing it!

Feeling like your head is going to explode figuring out how to do all this techy stuff? That awesome product you sell has BARTER-ABILTY! Ask someone to teach you or do it for you in exchange for the product you sell!

Evite, Paperless Post or PunchBowl -I do have many hostesses who use an email invite to reach her guests, and if she is willing to do it, I am thrilled.I love this along with texting and the good old fashioned Open Yo Mouth! A hostess who will use her voice and actually call people is my favorite hostess of all. We all love a warm, personal invite!

Target-for affordable post-party Thank You Cards. Don’t hate on the snail mail people! It still works and print is IT as far as I am concerned. Hand written thank you notes show care and effort and should still be used, even in this digital world.

Stickers for Your Hostess Envelope- here is a download for the  send_invites_by template. I print on Avery or generic labels 8163 These are so not fancy guys. But they work.

Come back again and I will share with you how I use the bins on the walls to keep my party files organized from pre party all the way to party finish!

Was this post helpful? If so, would you share it? That means a lot to me.  I’d love your comments, feedback, question or ideas in the comments section below! Norwex and my own direct sales business have brought ABUNDANCE to my life and if I can give any small tip that might help you in your business too, I am thrilled to help!

Get it,


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  • Colleen - Thank you for this video! I have only been with Norwex a week and I have my first party coming up! I have known about the company for a while thanks to Canadian friends and I finally went to a party and left as a consultant. My mentor is new herself so I have been scouring the websites to learn as much as I can before my first FB party and home party. Thanks for the tips and guidance!!ReplyCancel

  • Abi - Thank you so much for so generously sharing, Amanda.
    *love the name by the way*
    This is going to be so beneficial for so many, many peeps. Especially those of us, uhum, me, who doesn’t have a point of reference . . . you’re a shining star. Don’t lose your lovely luster!ReplyCancel

  • Kate Amaezechi - Amanda DeSonia- this is such a gracious and lovely post! Thank you and bless you for some new ideas for my business! I’m excited to implement a few new things- namely, keeping the host packet simple (sometimes I think I overstuff and then overwhelm the host). Also looking forward to making my own “3 Tips List”! I am such a busy mom and these things will help me keep my OWN business simple, but also most of the people I work with are also very busy!

    Peace and Joy as you continue to spread the Norwex Mission!ReplyCancel

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  • Kathleen Froode - Hi Amanda, you continue to amaze me, and thank you for your willingness to share your tools of success. I love the Tic-Tac-Whoa! sheet, and have tried numerous times to download it; even tried printing 4 to a sheet, hoping to obtain better resolution. Perhaps I’m missing something that’s right in front of me?

    I know I’m not on your team (but really do wish I were!), and appreciate it you could direct me in this regard. Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Not sure Kathy. I have had others open it with no problem so perhaps try another browser or computer.ReplyCancel

  • Jolene - Wow, Amanda, this is great info! Thank you so much! What program do you use to create things like your tic-tac-whoah flyers? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Jolene, I pay or barter with graphic designers and they typically use photoshop!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Such a great system, can’t wait to implement it! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Betsy Ricco - Hi Amanda,
    Thanks so much for this video. I just found it today (Jan 4,2016!). I believe it will help me a whole bunch. I joined Norwex because I own most of the products and LOVE them. I am not a sales person😜 This type of info is so important to know.
    I look forward to learning more!
    Have a great trip to the Leadership Conference. Hopefully I will be going next year.

    • admin - Happy to help! Thank you for being on our team! Looking forward to watching you grow!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - I am new to Norwex. How much do you typically offer in free spending $ if they get three in a row on your tic-tac-toe?


    • admin - Jen, what can you afford? This is a person question that will vary for every consultant and every level. I have the benefit of having several thousands of dollars of shopping spree dollars that Norwex has gifted me for having successful team members, so these sprees cost me nothing out of pocket or my commission. If I didn’t have this option, I would be very thoughtful when choosing a number. Hope that helps!ReplyCancel

  • Molly - Amanda,

    Thank you for sharing. You are a huge inspiration to me and I look forward to learning more from you! ~MollyReplyCancel

  • Samantha - Amanda,

    Thank you for sharing your hostess coaching so openly with everyone. You are an amazing leader and are showing me great ways to improve my business. Each time I read through this and watch your video I find something else I can improve on. Again, thank you!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you for the kind compliment Samantha!ReplyCancel