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Simple Slow Cooker Pumpkin Puree

Do you find yourself back in the kitchen more this time of year? I almost forgot I knew how to do stuff like this.

I’ve never been a pumpkin fan until learning the most mind-numbing simple skill of tossing a pie pumpkin in the slow cooker to make pumpkin puree.

Wash your pumpkin well. That’s important. They sit in on the ground in the dirt, remember? Of course I always use this favorite (and affordable!) cloth for getting it nice and clean.

Cut a pie pumpkin into quarters. Scoop out the guts. (Save the seeds for roasting.) Sprinkle on some pumpkin pie spices. Cook on low for 6 hours or until it’s super soft.

Toss it all in your food processor (we use a Vitamix blender) and puree.

Freeze it, or add the puree to cookies, pancakes, oatmeal, cornbread, smoothies, add it to a homemade hummus recipe, make it into soup.

I think my nose it turning orange.

As soon as I am done with my 10 day Fall Dump Detox  I am going to make these for the kids. What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe?