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Some of the story

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Awards don’t tell the whole story.

What does that ” I hate gross direct sales and wouldn’t everrrrr do party plan” glass # 9 Norwex income earner award really mean?  It means that in 4 years, my Norwex hobby turned business has made me the #9 top earner in the company. 

More importantly…..

It’s not having to ration a half gallon of organic milk.

It means not having to rely on the decent finds at Value Village to clothe your kids. 

It’s having a savings account and not living with a perpetual gut-ache about student loans and credit card debt.

It’s a daughter, once timid, now riding a horse, learning to develop incredible confidence. It’s three kids who see their Mom working for a cause.

It’s mentoring and cheering on thousands of women to find the confidence to chase their dreams,drop the act, and deal with rejection, fear, and insecurities.

It’s about teaching people that every home in America can be cleaned smart, simple, and in a way that protects this God Blessed beautiful Earth.

It’s about grabbing life by the Norwex Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls and having fun while making a difference.

It’s gratitude.

Yay direct sales.(Sorry I called you gross.)

Write your own story. I’ll hand you the pen. Contact me for a private one-on one conversation and find out if  you could see yourself on a fun new adventure, because life is short, and you deserve more.