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Mother Lover

FriYAY! It’s the weekend!

Are you going out to get your drink on this weekend? I’ll be getting my tap water drink on tonight with my family as we celebrate my husband’s Birthday at our favorite local restaurant. (I’m on Day 5 of a Clean Eating/No Sugar/Caffeine or Alcohol Detox) Is it Day 10 yet?

Would you be up for telling the waitress or bartender you are skipping the straw ? Can you be a Mother (Earth) Lover this weekend when you are dining and drinking out? That would be so awesome.

If you are really feeling like a Mother Lover, you could switch to cardboard applicator tampons or even better, get a Diva Cup. I decided not to make you throw up in your mouth by showing you what else had washed ashore today on my straw-collecting stroll.

Thanks for being a Mother Lover. You guys rock.

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