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The success and the struggle, even at the top.

The highs and lows of a life in sales…. My business suffered in January when half of my hostesses canceled or rescheduled, and right on cue we learned our home needed $3000.00 in repairs.

The month ended with my largest party in 4 years ($2000 in sales, 25 homes using less cleaning chemicals, $700 in freebies for a happy hostess, $700 earned toward fixing a stupid chimney and a calendar that filled back up!)
Trust the process/hustle/chase your dream/stay positive/believe you can…even when it’s hard!

That girl helping me pack and sort all those products? Megan. She’s a team member who is now a confidant and co-leader, and one of the best friends I have ever had. The positive female friendships in my life were a benefit that I never expected coming into this job. You have the peaks and the valleys and it’s worth it all.



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