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It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.

Most of these women joined Norwex without the expectation or goal of becoming the top sellers of a company. A few have less than one year of Norwex under their belt. Some have been with me since the start. (See that girl in the top middle photo? That’s Katie. I shoved two Norwex cloths in her face when she was over for coffee almost 5 years ago and said with equal parts glee and fear, “IthinkI’mgonnasellthisstuff!”) She used to fear public speaking in a way that held her back professionally and personally. Now she’s a dynamic speaker, a coach and trainer, and top leader for the entire company.

These women reached hundreds of families in January by sharing a better way of cleaning.  All of them have a story. Single Moms, a Mom with 3 kids with special needs, full-time working Moms, stay at home Moms, corporate America working woman by day, Norwex by night. The common connection is their passion and belief system. All of them care a whole lot.

(Fun fact. The combined group of these 10 women sold over $55,000 of Norwex in one month, earning between them, $19,250 in commissions that has gone towards improving their quality of life.)

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