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Norwex Dish Cloth

The Norwex Dish Cloth (#1) is one of my most FUN (Frequently Used Norwex) items. Customers LOVE it, and it’s affordable.


What do you need to know about it? It’s visually underwhelming. When I am doing home parties, I often whip it out with vigor only to watch everyone’s faces go blank and I even see people wince. With that in mind, this cloth, like many others I love, has a nickname that I have given it.

Eleanor. Yes, Eleanor.

Why? Because while Eleanor Roosevelt was certainly not known for her looks, she was revered and respected. You can say the same about the Dish Cloth.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.34.18 AMPINIMAGEWhy it works: The loosely woven mesh material has great scrubby action for cleaning pots and pans and dishes, but is also great at cleaning up the really yucky flour messes left behind on counters after baking.  The net-like weave means it’s forgiving and rinses out easily without making a gunky mess that’s usually left behind in a regular dish cloth. It’s lightweight so it dries quickly, and despite the fact that this cloth is NOT Norwex Microfiber with BacLock, it doesn’t get yucky and smelly quickly like your normal tools for washing dishes.



Why I love it: I make a lot of oatmeal and eggs. Using the dish cloth to wash pans makes the job easier, faster and less messy.

Tip #1 The Norwex Dish Cloth is HUGE in size. This cloth would even be big even for Lebron James, assuming he does dishes. Many of my customers have cut it in 1/2, or even 1/4, giving you multiple dish cloths for the same cost as one. It won’t unravel, so go for it, cut it up.

Tip#2 Toss it in the laundry as needed, but hand washing it after every use with Norwex Dish Liquid will keep this cloth clean for weeks. I also will toss it in the top rack of my dishwasher on occasion.

Random/Creative Use: We have had customers buy these for the garage, and use them as dead bug removal from the front of vehicles!



  • Tishana Beyer Willson - I appreciate your videos, thanks! I just purchased the laundry detergent and wool dryer balls. I have been using dryer sheets in my dryer for years. My consultant, who is new to Norwex, suggested I clean my dryer before I begin using my wool dryer balls but she was unsure how I should clean my dryer. If I don’t want dryer sheet residue in my dryer drum on the dryer balls or Envirocloth how should I clean it? Do I need to clean it? Any advice? Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Just wipe it down with hot water and vinegar!ReplyCancel