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My Earth-First Grandmother

I pick up trash off the beach, live by the lake and fill bird feeders because of her. My Easter memories include walking HWY 11 after a ham dinner with a garbage bag in tow, collecting litter from the ditches. She taught me how to identify birds by their call and appreciate the simplistic gift of a well-kept Earth. Today I gifted her a diffuser after she took a liking to mine this Winter.

In the not-so-distant past Grandma was still using my Grandfather’s elastic-shot, grey and raggedy old Fruit of the Loom underpants to clean the windows. True Story. The fact that my Grandfather has been gone since 1997 seems like a detail related to the condition of his former unmentionables that you need to know as well. Changing habits as you age takes commitment for some, and can be almost impossible for others. Grandma took her time, but she came around. One added benefit of my Grandma’s decision to use Norwex?  Now it’s safe for my kids to put their faces near (or on) her windows.

“Amanda! There are so many folks that don’t know about all these great things like Norwex and oils!”

(Her favorite products are the Window Cloth and the Superior Mop System.)