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Green Cleaning and Stain Treating in The Laundry Room

I double dare you to smell the inside of your kids’ gloves. (Wait no. Don’t. Consider yourself warned!)stain_removalPINIMAGE

Throwing them in the wash at the end of the year typically won’t clean them deeply enough.  If you live in Midwest, you certainly wash and store away all your winter wear atleast once and then have to pull it out again thanks to a cruel late Spring cold-snap.

Here is my recipe to un-funking and de-stinking all your winter accessories.


Fill a sink of warm water

Add one capful of Odour Eliminator  (Go do your thing enzyme power, eat that nasty!) I love this product and so do other Moms. Click though to learn more about how versatile it is for stink.

Add 1 Tsp of Ultra Power Plus

Pre-treat your stains with Norwex Stain Remover

You might have to scrub that Stain Remover in to really tackle the stains

Let soak. I turned all the mittens inside out as well and let them soak that way as well

Rinse well, hang to dry or toss in the dryer.

Pristine and back to new– until the temps drop once again!