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Hostess Connecting and Coaching

One of my most popular posts on my blog is this one on Hostess Coaching. It’s an elusive and often stressed over relationship that many direct sales consultants fumble. How often do I talk to her? Am I annoying her? I am totally annoying her, right?

You are not annoying. (Hello, stop saying that!) If you know how to help a hostess have a great experience, keeping her in the dark is a pretty lame move. When she says yes, you have to be ready to work with her to help her have a great demo/party. This isn’t the first rodeo for some hosts, but others have NO CLUE what they are supposed to do, or will just procrastinate (what, me?) with the planning unless you are gently popping up to keep her on track. Offer encouragement and let her know how thankful you are for her. You need her, and she should feel appreciated and supported!

Your hostess connecting should be intentional and organized and is time sensitive. You know who cancels parties? Hostesses who haven’t heard boo from you, and hostesses who send out their invites 2 weeks before their party and have nobody RSVP. Nothing will make you cancel a party faster than feeling like an A-1 Loser, but if you are prepping her for reality of slow RSVPs, she will hang in there and you will tell her how to follow up with her guests.

I put quite a bit of time and effort into hostess connecting, from snail mail to text to phone calls: it’s worth it. Hostesses who are coached hold their party date, they have higher turn out, they have more friends book shows, they often join as consultants, and they are HAPPY with their experience!

Come back on Sunday to see what things I put in a Booking Packet! (Step 1)

Here is a quick tip on the Confirmation Card that I send (Step 2)


  • Crystal - Thanks for the valuable tips. I admit I’m haphazard at connecting with my hostesses and know it’s my fault when I don’t help her earn her wishlist. Do you have a time system in place on when you make each contact?ReplyCancel