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Hostess Packets and Supplies for your Norwex Party

Are you a Norwex Consultant or a Hostess hosting an upcoming party?

Your awesome Norwex Consultant should be handing you some key supplies to help you plan a great par-tayyyy!

Here is a sample, from 12:00 Noon clockwise:

Postcards: SK0614  I know, I know. You are thinking what? Who uses these? Is this how dinosaurs used to invite other dinosaurs to their home parties? They are old-school but they still work. You might sort of know your neighbors but not so much, and why not invite them? If anything, they are nosy and want to know what your kitchen looks like. Take them to work and leave them in the break-room. *Hey consultants: quick tip: add a sticker to the postcard and offer an incentive for anyone who brings a friend to the party with them.

Catalogs SK1601 I provide atleast 2. One for the hostess, and at least one for her to use to collect orders before her party. Take it to soccer practice, work, book club, your board meetings, and share your favorites with your friends and let them know which products you love.

Order Forms SK0059 5. Why 5? Because a hostess who collects 5 orders before her party will OFTEN have a $1000 dollar party, which means hundreds of dollars in free Norwex Loot! Explain to your hostess how she can collect outside orders. She can use the online party link you provide to her, or she can do it the paper way, which totally works. Your hostess can collect payment in the form of credit card or checks made out to you.

Norwex Microfiber Brochure SKA032 or the Top 10 Sellers Guide SKU052  Slip in one of the Norwex in a Nutshell guides so your hostess has an easy way to explain to her friends what Norwex is all about.

Host Guide (SKA042) I like this guide as it gives your hostess a place to make her guest list, and it reminds you to remind her that she HAS to invite 40 people to have 8 attend. I always reassure my hostesses that I have never had a 40 guest Norwex party but if I did we could fill her floor with Norwex and roll around in all the freebies.

I also include:

Norwex Opportunity Brochure SK0268 (This is a cute little brochure with me on it, telling you why this job rocks.) Trips, money, free Norwex, friendships….I want all of my hostesses to know that being a hostess is fun, but being a consultant is better. Much better.

Stick it all in a Host Envelope SK0601 I have a sticker I put on the outside of her envelope with her Party Date and Time. ‘Cause if she doesn’t even crack open that envelope, atleast she knows when her party date is!

The Monthly Hostess Specials, if you have the monthly hostess sheet available at the time she books her show. If not, mail it to her later. Mail. I left the “e” off on purpose!

Tell me Party Girls: What MOST essential tool do you put in your hostesses hand?

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