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Business Supplies for the Norwex Girl Boss

norwex_business_suppliesPINIMAGEIf you are a new Norwex consultant who needs direction on ordering business supplies, here are my top suggestions. Norwex offers WAY more than this, and some of you might use less or more, but these are my most-used business supplies.

  1. SKU044 – Product Quick Guide Pack of 50 – $6.99   I call these the skinny minny catalog. How to use them? I offer them instead of a catalog at checkout. These give a quick run-down of every product in the catalog. You can highlight the items a customer purchased, and point out that the back also has your contact info  (Buy a self-inking stamp and brand these with your name, email, and phone number!) The wash and care instructions for our porducts are also on the back.
  2. SK0268 – Opportunity Brochure – Pkg of 25 – $3.99  Gah, I love these! This is a real glossy commercial of how cool the Norwex job is. Open it up and it highlights why everyone should be a Norwex consultant: the great income, the trips, the flexibility…. These are great to give to people you want to work with, and place one in every Hostess Packet. Hostesses are the obvi (my daughter taught me that word) choice for joining your team. Use it as a conversation starter.
  3. SK1601 – 2016 Catalog Pack of 10 – $7.50 These don’t require an explanation. You need them. They will likely be your biggest business expense but they are your advertising and if you hoard them, you’ll never let people see the good stuff we offer! I like to buy address label stickers on Vista Print to make it easy for my kids to label these! Free labor. Take advantage. Did you know you can earn them for free many months? Check out your Norwex Monthly Consultant Specials. If you hit certain sales marks many time catalogs are a gift!
  4. SKA032 – Microfiber Brochures – Package of 50 – $6.99 I call these the Cliff Notes of Norwex of Microfiber. Looking for an easy tool to hand a customer so she can understand the advantages of Norwex microfiber? This is is. You’ll also find the wash and care directions on this document as well. I offer these to every new customer.
  5. SKU052 – Top Ten Sellers Guide Pack of 50 – $6.99 Image heavy and appealing, these are my new favorite business tool. Our Top 10 sellers are BIG sellers, and this guide does a beautiful job giving a description of those big 10 products. There is also a blurb about hosting a party to earn free products and Wash and Care info on the back.  I hand a lot of these out at checkout and I highlight the things the customer purchased. They are also great to send in the mail along with your business card after someone makes an online order from your website. Another fun idea? Give these to customers instead of a catalog at a party. Then go through as many of the products as time will allow in 35-45 minutes time.
  6. SA0043 – All Product Info Sheets – $9.99 You probably got these in your Norwex Starter Kit. Put them in a 3 ring binder and you have a portable wikipedia of the Norwex products.
  7. SA0039 – Top Ten Product Info Sheets – $2.99  These are similar to #6, but just feature the Top Ten Sellers. If you are feeling overwhelmed as a new consultant, just use the Top Ten Sheets and sell just these products at every party. I am nearly 5 years into the business and I STILL only focus on the Top Ten or the Safe Haven Package at 90% of my parties!
  8. SKA042 – Host Guide – English – Pack of 25 – – $6.49 A well prepared and enthusiastic hostess is the key to a great party and a strong business. Provide one of these to your hostess so she has top tips on hosting a killer Norwex show.
  9. SK1310 – Success Builder (pack of 10) – English – $6.99  By choosing to build a team you build the Norwex brand, spread the message, and can create a legacy by supporting others.  I use this document to show women how Norwex pays you a manager check each month at various amounts depending on the size and how much your team works.  Last month my team manager check was enough to pay for a new car.  Results may vary, no income guarantees are made, but seriously, are you building a team yet and sharing this awesome job?I have no special training or extraordinary talent. I just work hard, you can too.
  10.  SK0059 – USA Customer Order Forms – $9.99 If you are going to take orders, you need order forms. These are 3-part carbon forms. I give the bottom copy to customers at the point of purchase, and I then give them my business card and one or more of the documents mentioned above: usually the Top 10 Guide and the Microfiber Brochure, if they want one. I keep the top copy for my records and file it away. The yellow middle copy can also stay with you, or, if you are having customer items shipped to the hostess to have her deliver (I don’t do this anymore!) then leave her that copy so she knows what items her friend is getting so she can pick it out of the party box.
  11. SK0614 – Host Invitations (Pack of 100) – $5.99 Postcard invites that some of your hostesses might like to use.
  12. SK0601 – Host Envelopes – $2.49  This is a professional way to give a hostess all of her hosting materials. See this post for more details on what I give a hostess before her party.
  13. SA0017 – Norwex Party User Guide with Cards US/CN – $2.99 Find these in your Starter Kit or order them! These are a Norwex Party for Dummies that will help you stay on track and focused during your parties. They will remind you to talk about hosting a party and will even give you the courage to tell people why becoming a consultant is something everyone can consider.
  14. SKU012 – Host Order Form – US (Pack of 25) – $3.99These look professional and show that our hostess gets free shipping in most cases. After a party I am sure to fill this out so she has a record of her free product earned and anything she may have purchased in addition to her hostess gifts. Mail it to her along with a thank you card, and maybe even a free shipping coupon if she attends the first party that was booked off her show!

Business supplies will help you run a professional small business. Keep them in-stock, labeled, and well organized and always have a mobile-office in the trunk of your car. You never know when you might need a catalog, so have one handy at every turn!

I hope this helps you place your first order for business supplies. Do you have any suggestions or feedback for me? Leave it in the comments, I love to hear from you!

  • Angie - In #10 you mentioned the carbons and that you no longer have the order shipped to the host. How do you have the guests retrieve their orders?
    Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • admin - My customers choose direct shipping at every party. It then does not go to the hostess so she does not have the hassle of delivering and my party guests get their items right away!ReplyCancel