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How’s it hangin’?

How do you hang your Norwex? Amazon has great tools for holding your Mop System and cloths. I admit, this isn’t the cutest hanging system compared to some things my customers have come up with, but my Norwex lives in a hidden entry closet.

One of my favorite products as we slip into summer is the Large Norwex Air Freshener Bag. Do I need need to really go into detail about Summer stink issues? Moms know. Humidity, kids, sports, more garbage from said kids being come, sports….Oy!

This closet has always had a funky smell, I hung up the Large Air Freshener Bag and by the end of the day, smell…… gone. I love that these contain 100% bamboo charcoal, not weird hormone disrupting chemicals that just temporarily mask funny odors.

Don’t forget, these work great in a fridge (you are supposed to replace your baking soda in the fridge every 30 days, I mean, who does that?) or a gym bag, the car, at the bottom of your garbage cans, in the closet where you keep your shoes.

Tip: Stick your Norwex Air Freshener Bags in the sun every few months and as they dry out, they recharge and go back to de-stinking your stink.