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Choose to Reuse (Party Style)

Did you guys have a great 4th of July?

The more educated I become on plastic and waste and pollution, the more changes I feel motivated to make. We were lucky enough to move into a new/old home last August with a great patio and huge yard, so this summer has been a wonderful opportunity for me to host lots of causal and a few formal gatherings for friends and family. That means lots of food and drinks, which means a vehicle to serve said food and drinks! This summer I decided I would start with plates and silverware. The great thing about going this route is you never have to run to the store last minute for plastic silverware or paper plates, so there is a savings (eventually) as well!

I have picked up plastic plates at Target and Aldi this year, but I also love these as well.

Boxes of old China can be found at Estate Sales and rummage sales as well. If you are entertaining a grown-up crowd, this is another fun option.

Silverware can be found on the cheap at Thrift Shops, garage sales, or even at the Dollar Store. Who cares if it doesn’t match? Having a collection of different styles is eclectic and fun, especially for less formal outdoor deck or patio parties.

This year I made it easy for people to help me clean up after they are done eating. Place your plate in the bin and your dirty silverware in the tray. Most of us all have dishwashers now days, so my role at the end isn’t terribly hard.

Is it more work than single-use disposable? Yes. Is it worth it. Yes!