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Unfunk your Norwex

Sometimes people tell me, “Amanda, my Norwex cloths smell! I thought that Norwex was NEVER supposed to stink.”

To that I always reply, if there was a guaranteed no-stink magic solution invention, no mother would ever wince when changing the diaper of her three year old and Norwex would make socks and underwear.

(The truth is, you have to care for your Norwex. It does require some love. You can read more on that here.)

I over-used my kitchen cloth by using it to wipe my counters and table for THREE weeks. That was just too long to depend on our awesome BacLock microsilver. It’s talented, it’s handy, but it’s not a magic wand.

Sorry I forgot to turn my camera sideways, but I am Deep Soaking my cloths today and wanted to show you how too.

Questions about your Norwex? I’m happy to help.