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It’s back- your opportunity to join Norwex without the typical $2000 dollar sales quota in your first 90 days is here once again.

With products in your kit valued at $74.45, you’ll step in gently to Norwex, with the ability to buy products at 35% off, or you can choose to start a business and receive all the same benefits as a typical consultant.

Looking for the Standard Starter Kit that includes the Superior Mop System? Read more here. (It includes a bonus $25 dollar shopping spree this month!)

Choose me as your sponsor and receive training, support, and encouragement from one of the top 8 Norwex leaders in North America! I love what I do and have 5 years of strong experience in lifting other women and supporting them as they find their perfect fit with Norwex. Part time, full time, or big time, I am here and ready to give you a fun and strong start.

Contact me to set up a time to discuss if this is the right time, opportunity and company for you or join now and Try it, Share it!

Offer ends October 1st, 11:59 am Central time.