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Join Norwex in March, Free Kit and Reduced Sales!

Been thinking about becoming a Norwex Consultant, but holding back still? On a normal month, your kit is given to you upfront for free, you simply sell $2000 in sales in 90 days.

For the month of March, you can join even easier, with even less required of you. Your kit only requires $1000 of sales in your first 90 days! 


How do you accomplish that? Buy some Norwex for your own home, you’ll get it at 35% off retail, and anything you buy and/or sell will help you get towards your $1000 sales goal. The average Norwex consultant will do $1000 in sales in less than 2 parties.  If you fall short, your keep your Starter Kit, continue to have the opportunity to be a consultant, and you simply pay back Norwex $200 dollars for the kit that’s valued much higher than that!

Consider this: if you did 1 average Norwex party you will have earned enough income/commission to repay your Starter Kit fee! If you did 2 parties, chances are you won’t owe anything for your kit!

Now, let’s talk about what else Norwex has to offer this month for our newest Healthy Home Advocates….

In a nutshell, get at it girl. Get to work. Tell others about this brilliant way of cleaning. We gift you with boxes of free product and this month we also add on shopping sprees galore.

Let’s look closer…..

• Join Norwex in March and sell (or buy) $400 of Norwex (that’s $260 out of your pocket) within the first 15 days and you’ll earn a box of product worth 130 dollars and a 50 dollar shopping spree– that’s 180 dollars of FREE NORWEX.

•Join Norwex in March and sell $1000 of total product in your first 30 days, get a box of free product valued at $180 and a $100 shopping spree. That’s 280 dollars of FREE NORWEX.

• Join Norwex in March and sell $2000 of product in your first 60 days, receive a box of free product valued at $230 and a $150 shopping spree. That’s 380 dollars of FREE NORWEX.

I have a calculator and I’ve added it up for you. Happy to help because that’s a lot of adding.  

If you take advantage of this full program you’ll have 840 dollars of freebies, 700 dollars of extra income earned, a free starter kit valued at over 260 dollars, and unlimited opportunities to continue on with Norwex as a change-maker and a healthy home pioneer.

Want to work with me as your sponsor? I’ll show you how to get off to a strong start.