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Considering, reflecting, and remembering your WHY.

The Direct Sales and Party Plan industry is rewarding, exciting, thrilling and fun.

It can also be scary, frustrating, confusing and personal growth-stretching in ways we are not always prepared for or thrilled about.

Over the last 5 years I have learned more about myself and about other people than I ever planned for. Supporting and coaching other women has been something I have had to grow into. There were many a day when I would panic when someone would ask me for a “coaching call” or advice, I’d look around and think, wait, who, ME? I’m supposed to know what to say? The joy in all of this has been learning how to be vulnerable enough to admit I DO NOT have it all figured out, some days I still wing it, every day I still reflect on what went well and where I could do better.

None of this growing stuff happens over night, it’s a long process that has zero to do with perfection.

In all of the joys and throughout the challenges, I have had to have a WHY in front of me, literally. I have a piece of paper hanging up that forces me why I do this kind of work, WHY I can keep going after a hard month, WHY I can keep asking for people to host a party and share Norwex with their loved ones after repeated rejection. Common sense tells our brain and heart to SHUT UP and QUIT when you’ve heard “no thanks” 15 times in a row.

Most of you parents know there is often one child that pushes you harder and further. That child is often unimpressed with you, somewhat (or outright) defiant, one who holds his/her ground longer than what is convenient for the rest of us. Sometimes this child is very quiet and introspective, or maybe yours is loud and vocal allthedangtime. My Push Child handed me this early this morning after a long night of me being away at a Norwex party that had me home very late. I came in feeling guilty, wondering if being away was something I should feel guilty about.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and she was asked to pick a woman that inspired her.

The thing that you believe in, your dream, it’s all worth it. If you aren’t sure if it is, close your eyes, keep them closed, and remember your WHY.