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Patio parties, Saturday morning mimoas on the deck, co-ed parties with the hubbies…..

Summer is when Norwex parties get more casual, fun, and shorter. I know you want to enjoy time with your friends, so I speed up the talking so you have more time for socializing. Host a daytime demo if you are a Mom at home with kids. I’ll teach you how to get your house detoxed AND how to get your kids to help with the cleaning this Summer!

Live in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan or Minnesota? I will be traveling to many of these states this Summer and can do a Norwex home party for you. (Much fun, my favorite way to Norwex!) If you don’t live near me, we can Norwex together on Facebook with Live Video!




Summer is just around the corner, and Moms unite! How do you get your kids to take part in the household chores when school is out? I have learned that I have to have a plan of attack weeks before the final school bell rings. The last two years I have used a laminated card system, where the chores change daily. I have also instituted a rule of 1 Social, 1 Mental, and 1 Physical “Chore” required before you can be off to enjoy any screen time.

My kids, of course, hate this/love it, but I know my family needs order and routine in order for me to be a Nice Mom. We use the Norwex Kids Cloths, a set for each of our three kids, including the Enviro Cloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt. I LOVE these Kids Norwex tools, because the Norwex Microfiber quality is the same as the regular Norwex microfiber. Give kids the ability to complete a job with great results and feel better knowing they can do it without scary chemicals. No excuses, everybody helps, and I can stay a Nice Mom.

Pinterest has so many awesome chore charts that are age appropriate. I have included one below that I liked, but of course adjust the chores to your child’s ability level as needed.

Do you have a system or schedule for Summer? I would love to hear it!




Do you know of another company that gives you a free, up-front starter kit valued at over 250 dollars?

Do you know of another opportunity to earn 35% commission and earn a profit the SAME day you start a new business?

I love the affordable option to have a flexible, work at home, work in your free time, work around the family opportunity that Norwex gives us.

Check out the May Fresh Start Program. If you love Norwex products, you’ll have a house full of them and a fully stocked display when you earn your Fresh Start Goals. See those shopping sprees? That’s a May special offer, take advantage of Norwex generosity and use those sprees to build a healthy, strong business. I can teach you how!

If you’d like to learn more about working with me, contact me and I will help you decide if you are ready to represent one of the fastest growing and healthiest direct sales companies in North America.

(PS This is the most FUN job I’ve ever had!)


Here are your Norwex Hostess Specials for May, 20017, and your Customer Sales and Specials as well! If you have been avoiding Spring Cleaning, perhaps it’s for a reason. Invite a few gal pals over, learn a few new cleaning hacks and tips, and let Norwex thank you by stocking your home or office with hundreds of dollars of free healthy home cleaning products.

Did you see the Norwex Mop System has been snuck in there as well? Already have one? Add one to another part of your home, you’ll use it more when it’s within reach.

Norwex makes great wedding shower and baby shower gifts as well, if you have a bride or new mom-to-be who you’d like to host in honor of, or purchase a gift for, contact me for my suggestions.

I have a nearly-full May, but I can squeeze a few more Norwex parties before month end.

Message me today and let’s Norwex together either in your home, on your patio, or on Facebook, with the advantages of hosting anytime, from the comfort of your home, in your cozy pants, maybe even bra-less.(I won’t judge.)